MATERIK, Apotema’s new series of high-end mains filters, is born. The first model in this series, the MATERIK 1, dresses reproduced music in deep ‘black’ and makes it incredibly real.

high-end mains power filter

The power supply network, to which we connect our precious music playback systems, is constantly subjected to electrical and electromagnetic disturbances of all frequencies and intensities that soil our music, obscure information and details, and reduce listening pleasure by presenting an unrealistic sound event.

The filtering systems present in most electronics are designed for ripple suppression, they operate with limited frequency and depth, and are not sufficient to eliminate this type of disturbance. A different type of intervention is therefore necessary, positioned at the point of greatest effectiveness, upstream in the chain, where all the system components draw their energy.

Electrical noise and interference must be eliminated at the source in order to bring out every detail of the musical message and achieve maximum listening pleasure

CNC-machined aluminium from solid

High-quality IEC socket with bipolar switch and fuse

Powder-coated aluminium body

Non-slip feet, replaceable with M4 tips


Background noise, even if not directly perceived as such, is the element that most of all prevents deep ‘blackness’, the basis that makes any reproduced sound true.

The Materik 1 is a high-end, parallel-type mains filter, which, unlike series-type filters, avoids any negative impact on system dynamics. On the contrary, by eliminating any mains disturbance at the root, it creates an extremely deep silence that brings out even the smallest harmonic and spatial information, contributing to a realistic and incredibly textural reproduction.


Materik 1 consists of different cell types in a mixed series-parallel configuration, each of which has a specific function:

  • cancel out high-frequency disturbances in the electrical system
  • attenuate the distortions of the sine wave at mains frequency, eliminating the higher harmonics
  • dampen the over-scillation phenomena that are generated in the power supply stages due to reactive components, and that are inevitably carried over to the mains, from where they propagate to the other components of the system.

Those already familiar with our previous devices, the Black Hole and the Dynamics Extender, will find the Materik 1 ….


The Materik 1 is the evolution of the previous models, whose operating principles it takes up. The use of new, more complex cells and their different combination makes this new filter effective even in particularly noisy environments from an electrical point of view, or conversely in installations that already use some form of treatment, such as isolation transformers, voltage regenerators, dedicated power lines, etc.


All our filters use the highest quality components to guarantee maximum performance and a long service life.

What our customers say

  • " It changes the sound, for the better. It took me time to really understand in which direction, then I understood. And I don't go back. Because when I turn it off, the music becomes flat and distant again "
  • This new filter from Apotema Audio has changed my thinking about the importance of the mains supply forever. I don't think I could have achieved this result any other way
  • " I have spent a lot of time fine-tuning my system, which I consider to be high-end, and having a dedicated power supply I considered it unnecessary to insert filter elements, but when I plugged the Apotema Materik 1 into the multisocket I had to change my mind: the effect was as unexpected as it was obvious. Never again without it! "
  • " I find Apotema's filters, and the Materik in particular, much more effective than others I have tried, plus they are beautiful to show rather than hide "
  • A big step forward. A step beyond the already excellent Dynamics Extender. Everything becomes more material thanks to the even deeper black. The soundstage, the dynamics and the dominance of time feel real.


Designed and handmade in Italy

Body: made entirely of aluminium. The front and rear parts are CNC-machined with an anodised and polished finish, while the central body is finished with a thick powder coating. The supplied feet, also made of anodised and polished aluminium, can be replaced with M4 threaded pins or with feet of other types and materials, and with a specific set of decouplers specially developed by Omicron:

Weight: 1.900 gr.
Size: 130 x 220 x 110 mm (with the supplied feet)
Voltage: 100-240 V

The use of a high-quality power cable is recommended (we can supply them on request)

List price:
€ 949,00

Shipping costs depending on destination country (please ask)

Delivery time: available for immediate delivery