The Apotema DYNAMICS EXTENDER power filter revolutionises the very concept of DYNAMICS and becomes a must-have step for achieving maximum performance from your system

high performance mains power filter

The mains supplying the components of our hi-fi system is constantly contaminated by electromagnetic disturbances of different origins, frequencies and intensities that add to the musical signal by degrading it, increasing listening fatigue and reducing the available dynamics.

The Dynamics Extender is a parallel-type power filter, and as such acts effectively against mains noise without the negative effects typical of series-type filters. On the contrary, by eliminating different types of noise at the source, it allows even the lowest level signals to emerge, resulting in a significant increase in perceived dynamics.

Eliminate all interference and mains disturbance to recover every detail from the musical message and return it to its original credibility

CNC-machined aluminium from solid

High-quality IEC socket with bipolar switch and fuse

Powder-coated aluminium body

Non-slip feet, replaceable with M4 tips

Compared to the Black Hole, the Dynamics Extender works even more extensively and deeply.


Its action is evident from the very first octaves, making a more solid, controlled and intelligible bass sound, and it maintains its effectiveness all the way to the top.


Thanks to special cells that prevent spikes and overshoots normally generated by the system’s electronics themselves, silence reaches very deep levels. Thus, all harmonic and spatial details emerge and the reconstruction of the sound message becomes considerably more realistic and credible.

What our customers say

  • " I mainly listen with headphones in the evening hours, I had never thought that a filter on the power supply could improve the listening quality so noticeably, then a friend let me try the Dynamics Extender .... "
  • "Apotema's Dynamics Extender has solved a problem that for years has ruined much of my classical music listening: I live near an industrial area, and on weekdays the performance of the system would drop dramatically. Not any more."
  • "I have had the opportunity to test the Black Hole in the past and its performance was more than satisfactory. The Dynamics Extender represents its evolution and I find its performance superb: I expected an improvement, but not as marked! "
  • "I own two audio systems, different in cost and performance, located in different rooms. I connected Apotema Audio's Dynamics Extender to the main system and was impressed by its effectiveness: a vigour I had never heard before, now I have a truer representation in front of me. I find it incredible that the second system also benefits from the Apotema filter, even though it is connected to the main system. "


Designed and handmade in Italy

Body: made entirely of aluminium. The front and rear parts are CNC-machined with an anodised and polished finish, while the central body is finished with a thick powder coating. The supplied feet, also made of anodised and polished aluminium, can be replaced with M4 threaded pins or with feet of other types and materials, and with a specific set of decouplers specially developed by Omicron:


Weight: 1.800 gr.
Size: 130 x 200 x 110 mm (with standard feet)
Voltage: 100-240 V

The use of a high-quality power cable is recommended (we can supply them on request)

List price:
€ 649,00

Shipping costs depending on destination country (please ask)

Delivery time: available for immediate delivery