The Apotema BLACK HOLE power filter was created for enthusiasts who wish to raise their audio system to a new, unexpected level.

plug-in mains power filter

The goal is clear: to continuously improve one’s system to get closer and closer to the real sound, matching components and accessories in the best possible way, taking care of their integration with the environment.

But perhaps we are neglecting a fundamental and decisive aspect: the care of the power supply.

Every device in our system works thanks to the energy supplied to it from the mains, and this energy is the basis on which every system begins to make music.

If the system is not yet able to express its full potential, it is because, in addition to its limitations, it has to deal with those from outside, the most important of which is the energy that powers it.

The electricity grid is constantly polluted by various disturbances: those generated by external sources (industrial utilities, household appliances, low-consumption light bulbs, switching power supplies, wi-fi routers) as well as those induced by the system components themselves, in proportion to the amount of current absorbed and the non-linearities of the internal power supplies.

Eliminating mains interference and disturbances is a necessary step in raising the quality level of any music reproduction system.

Natural version

Black version

Rhodium-plated plug

Cleaning the power supply is therefore necessary in any system that aims to achieve maximum performance. However, it is also a complex operation, which for maximum effectiveness must be done at the point where contamination occurs, i.e. at the point where all the system’s electronics draw power from the grid.

With Apotema’s BLACK HOLE, this complex operation becomes very simple: simply plug the filter into the multisocket and start enjoying the music reproduced by the system, which can finally work to its full potential.

What our customers say

  • "With the Apotema Black Hole filter you can hear more information, the dynamics increase, the soundstage widens in 3 dimensions, with instruments further apart."
  • "I was really very satisfied with my system, and I was convinced that in order to have a further improvement I would have to invest a lot and change practically everything, but instead I got great benefits simply by inserting the Black Hole filter on the system's multi-socket: more contrast, more separation between instruments, but above all a background silence that makes even the smallest details evident"
  • "The most noticeable aspect I noticed in my system, after inserting the Black Hole filter into the socket, was an increase in realism in the reproduction, the instruments acquired an unexpected credibility. Probably the least expensive item in my system, and the one that surprised me the most"
  • "I used it in my studio to record some audio tracks which I then mixed, the improvement I found was obvious, both in recording and playback"
  • "I listened to the Apotema filter for a long time, and it was only after several hours and many tracks that I realised that it affects many aspects of music reproduction, sometimes more noticeably and sometimes almost imperceptibly, but the end result is that it always delivers a more complete sound message. I close my eyes and the music I listen to is more alive"


Designed and handmade in Italy

Body: full aluminum
Weight: 350 gr.
Size: 175 x 46 x 46 mm
Voltage: 100-240 V

Available in: anodised/natural version

List price:
€ 349.00

Shipping costs depending on destination country (please ask)

Delivery time: available for immediate delivery