Apotema BHPA 10, the headphone amplifier that goes beyond

audiophile headphone amplifier

Considering the low powers involved, one might think that the task of a headphone amplifier is rather simple. However, the reality is much more complex: headphones are loudspeakers in their own right, and must be handled as such.

The power supply, in terms of both quantity and quality, is crucial in this type of project. The BHPA 10 uses an unconventional power supply that guarantees high power, maximum speed and very low noise in all conditions of use.
The quality of the components and internal wiring complete a product of absolute excellence.

A versatile and complete headphone amplifier

The Apotema BHPA 10 amplifier has everything one could wish for:

  • balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • output connectors for each type of connection
  • up to 3 headphones can be connected simultaneously
  • high-end quality output for loudspeakers

The ability to optimally drive all dynamic and planar headphones on the market, of all impedances and sensitivities, makes the BHPA 10 the ideal partner for your headphones of today and tomorrow. 

The BHPA 10 goes further, crossing the boundaries of the headphone universe to enter fully into that of power amplifiers: its unparalleled sizing allows it to drive a pair of speakers of good sensitivity with a first-rate level of quality.

Alluminio lavorato a CNC dal pieno

Ampia dotazione di ingressi e di uscite

Corpo in alluminio anodizzato di elevato spessore

Connessioni per ogni tipo di ccuffia

BHPA 10: the centre of your headphone music

Cosa dicono i nostri clienti

  • "Having tested many of the amplifiers on the market, I have been using exclusively headphone amplifiers from Apotema Audio in my studio for several years now, a guarantee for playback quality and reliability."
  • "I listen to music exclusively through headphones, and over time I have had several setups, from the first entry level to the current one, with 3 top-of-the-range headphones and the Apotema BHPA 10 amplifier, which I consider the best I have heard so far"
  • "The BHPA 10 is the amplification that made me fall in love with my headphones again!"

Technical specifications

  • Headphones output: up to 10W continuous per channel
  • Speakers output: 10W continuous / 35W peak per channel into 8 ohms
  • 20Kohm balanced
  • 10Kohm unbalanced

100dB A-weighted

0,001% 20-20.000Hz

  • Body made entirely of anodised aluminium in natural and black
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 25 x 39 x 13 cm.
  • Weight: 6Kg.

5 years

List price in Italy: 3,400€ (vat included)

Shipping costs depending on destination country (please ask)